1st Place: Albi, 53 Seconds

The Game

The aRCad Konsole

A playable, event based game installation: aRCade Racer

aRCade Racer is a car race game using the RealWorld as it's physical engine and real playground.
A video camera mounted on the top of a remote car transmits realtime image and audio data to the arcade console. Players steer the car from first person's view.

Each play is supported by an auditive environment from a live DJ.
All races are moderated.

Cameras located on the race track transmit video streams trough image processing algorithms to light-project accurate pictures of the ongoing race or race replays.

Visitors have following options to participate as active or passive elements:
- Play
- Moderate
- Fan
- Inspect

Playable by everybody! Races are transmitted on large screens!